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Welcome to, a website for Formula One enthusiasts who want to add a little more interest and fun to the FIA 2014 Formula One championship. Over the course of the upcoming season you will have the opportunity to make predictions on the outcomes of both the Formula 1 drivers and constructors championships. In addition you can make Formula 1 predictions on a race by race basis for every race in the 2014 season.

You will take on competitors worldwide, to find out who is the best Formula 1 predictor. What's more, we will be offering prizes for the winners of the predictions systems. And participation in the site, and the predictions systems is absolutely free.

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This is better than Fantasy F1.

There are no budget limits or restrictions here, you simply predict the results.

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Feel free to have a good look around the website and if you like you can go ahead and register your account today. Once you are registered you will have the opportunity to create your own profile, register for the predictions systems and start making predictions. You will be able to modify your predictions any time before the deadlines which are shown on the timers to the right hand side or listed within the official regulations. would strongly advise that you do read the regulations fully so that there is no misunderstanding about how the prediction game works. If for now, you just want an overview of how the systems work then just click on RBR system, or WC system down the left hand side.

Formula 1 forum, videos, pictures and more

Although the website is now on line and you are free to sign up, not all of the features we have planned for the site have been fully integrated yet so expect to see some changes in the future as more functions become operable. Our forum is also on line and has been for a few weeks so we would also encourage that you register there and take part in any discussion that is going on. The F1 team will be there on the forum happy to answer any questions you have about the systems or anything else relating to the website. We are also open to suggestions so please feel free to put forward any ideas you have for the site. Come and see how you can enjoy the game! Bet on line with 888sport. Enjoy NOW!

We are a very new site, and we have developed this site quickly and intensively. We have also tested the workings of it ourselves, but there may be small issues we have not found. We would like to ask you to report anything unusual you see, any technical problems, any faulty links, anything that is not clear, or even any suggestions you may have by emailing

Thanks a lot, and we hope you enjoy the site, and the 2014 Formula One season.

Kind Regards

Fred and Bert

The team Schumacher at the Hungarian Grand Prix 2010.
Flag of Germany

Predictions for the Germany GP due in

Chequered flag

Third predictions for world championship due in

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