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Welcome to f1predictions.net, a website dedicated to formula one enthusiasts created by a team who have as much passion for the sport as you do. This website has been primarily created to allow users to make predictions on the outcomes of the Formula One world championship and the individual races within it. Users will compete against others, all over the world to find out who is the best predictor. Prizes will be offered to the winners of each system.
Even though the season is over half way complete there are still many stars to be won, newcomers have the same chance to win most of these stars as anyone else and remember stars carry over into next season where they can be traded for prizes. So there is no reason not to sign up today!

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This, however, is not the only function of the website. We have sections dedicated to time trial rankings of the 2010 Codemasters F1 game which you can participate in, polls, quizzes, a message board and many other interactive features. We even upload media captured by our team as they travel to F1 races annually. We will also be keeping you up to date with the latest news in the world of Formula 1, including latest testing results, which are often hard to come by.

Our aim here is to create a strong community where people with similar interests can interact and compete with each other in our predictions competitions for the upcoming, and future Formula One seasons. All participation is absolutely free so please register with us today and enjoy the experience in 2011. Also join us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube


Before the 2010 Formula 1 season had begun two friends, Fred and Bert, decided to have a competition to see who was better at making predictions on the outcome of the upcoming season. Both agreed that there would be two games, one based on predicting the results over the whole season (world championship system), and another based predicting the results of every race (race by race system).

Fred and Bert initially attempted to develop one set of regulations for each competition, but it quickly became apparent that both Fred and Bert had very different views on the best regulations to make. Efforts to converge on one set of regulations for each system were not fruitful and since Fred and Bert are both stong-willed, agreement could not be found. Not to be beaten, both Fred and Bert considered the best way forward and, alas, both Fred and Bert created their own world championship regulations and race by race regulations.

This meant four systems were now in place (don't worry there are only two systems on this site, and Fred and Bert both jointly support them). Bert’s system took a simplistic approach whereas Fred included more variables into his and also applied odds scaling (based on bookmakers odds at the time of predictions with an arbitrarily chosen stake) to his scoring system. The 2010 predictions game was fun and a success but neither system was perfect as both learned throughout the course of the season. In the end, Bert won both race by race systems, and Fred won both world championship systems. When the season ended Fred and Bert both thought that since they had enjoyed this competition so much that other F1 fans would also enjoy taking part. The idea of a website that could be dedicated to such a predictions competition was born.

Although agreement on regulations was not found before the 2010 F1 season, this is now considered to be a positive thing. Since we had two quite different system in operation, we quickly found the positives and negatives of each, and this allowed us to work together to create a joint set of regulations for 2011 onwards. The 2011 regulations are an amalgamation of both Fred and Bert’s regulations from 2010. Changes have been made where necessary and lots of compromise between the two has taken place to ensure that we have the fairest and most enjoyable system for you in 2011.

To be absolutely clear, there are two competitions:

  • - A world championship competition where you predict the outcome of the 2011 F1 world championship in terms of drivers and constructors.
  • - A race by race competition where you predict the outcome of every 2011 F1 race, in terms of qualifying results, race results, drivers, constructors and fastest laps.

You have the choice of competing in either of them or both.

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