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Based on testing which team has the quickest car in 2012? - CLOSED

Red Bull621   (36.44%)
Mclaren614   (36.03%)
Ferrari195   (11.44%)
Mercedes98   (5.75%)
Lotus104   (6.1%)
Toro Rosso12   (0.7%)
Sauber21   (1.23%)
Force India39   (2.29%)
Total votes1704


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I'm with you f1guru, it would actually be nice to see a team run away with the title for once rather than having a close fight. I mean 3 secs per lap faster all season due to some clever innovation that no-one else could copy, or figure out. Also that the FIA couldn't figure out either as they would probably ban it!

Posted at 18:00:03 GMT on 05/03/2012
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Let's hope that some teams have 'clever' technology exploiting a loophole in the regulations and that they gain full advantage from it!

Posted at 23:14:38 GMT on 04/03/2012
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Sauber coming in strong in 2012. Kobayashi !

Posted at 00:34:58 GMT on 25/02/2012
Mclaren and Hamilton all the way ! How could anyone say Williams after their awful performances, they're not even an option on the poll lol

Posted at 23:49:17 GMT on 24/02/2012
I'm impressed with the Williams team so far!

Posted at 23:42:58 GMT on 24/02/2012
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Sandbagging galore, but I love the new Mercedes. Come on Schumi....

Posted at 23:34:06 GMT on 24/02/2012
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I think there is a lot of sandbagging right now, but for me it is still Red Bull and i also think mclaren have made progress

Posted at 23:24:40 GMT on 24/02/2012

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