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Who will win the Formula 1 drivers championship in 2012? - CLOSED

Sebstian Vettel173   (22.94%)
Jenson Button170   (22.55%)
Lewis Hamilton237   (31.43%)
Fernando Alonso45   (5.97%)
Mark Webber11   (1.46%)
Felipe Massa2   (0.27%)
Paul Di Resta10   (1.33%)
Michael Schumacher84   (11.14%)
Kimi Raikkonen16   (2.12%)
Nico Rosberg5   (0.66%)
Total votes754


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I think Hamilton has a good shout this year too bretdrfc, it's been a long time since his first one now.

Posted at 14:46:09 GMT on 14/03/2012
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Lewis Hamiltons year!

Posted at 13:04:36 GMT on 14/03/2012
It's not Hamiltonio idiot, it's Hamiltonnno1. Schumacher is a joke and should never have come back to F1 and Vettel is just lucky he has adrian newey designing his cars, there is no doubt in my mind that Hamilton will be back to his best this year and we'll see vettel whining like a little baby

Posted at 19:32:33 GMT on 05/03/2012
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Hey Hamiltonio.... Good luck to Hamilton but the Red Bulls are sandbagging and Vettel is the best driver right now. Except for Schumi of course :) I'd like to see Red Bull, McLaren, Mercedes and Ferrari all close together at the top, and then the rest of the pack 10 seconds behind (per lap)!

Posted at 17:57:38 GMT on 05/03/2012
Mercedes are a team of has been's in Brawn and Schumacher and Rosberg isn't good enough to win a grand prix LOL ! The Mclaren car is going to be amazong and Hamilton will walk away with the championship, no contest. Look at the poll scores already, everyone know's what i'm talking about. Vettel is not as good a driver as Hamilton he's just had the faster car for the last couple of years.

Posted at 17:36:24 GMT on 05/03/2012
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Let's hope Mercedes can catch the front runners and we'll see an interesting season!

Posted at 16:06:56 GMT on 05/03/2012

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